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We are all alone ultimately, inside of ourselves. The Path can sometimes feel lonely when we have said yes to inner transformation. Who we truly are is beyond all limiting labels that divide.

In this time of great externalization, little time is spent discussing the inner events and changes that are taking place within each of us individually and collectively. What matters is not so much our external condition, but the inner transformation we are experiencing while moving through this 3D world.

Our daily experience is a reflection of events occurring in the astral or subliminal worlds beyond the higher planes of mind and consciousness.  We can learn to concentrate and direct our awareness to enter many worlds. It is important to realize that whole other realities are occurring simultaneously to the one that we are experiencing within our senses.

In other words, there is a higher astral “narrative” that is occurring on this planet, and the events of our third- dimensional life are dream symbols of this higher reality.

I am now offering private sessions one day per week for those who want to explore the deeper aspects of the inner journey and understand their Mission through a new lens.

If requested I also share suggestions for designing a daily program to enter the new time frequency in your own unique way. In addition, for those who wish to delve deeper into cosmic history, a 28-day mentorship will be offered beginning in 2018.

Learn more about the Mentorship offerings here.

If you are interested in a private session or mentorship program, please click here to fill out inquiry form.

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[Note] The private session offering will resume on Kin 108 (September 8), so all requests will need to be after that date.

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Loving this new direction!!!

thanks so much vasumi!

Thank you so much for this blog and website you have shared :)❤💙💫👼🙏🌈🌀🌈

thanks so much Danny/spectral storm

I appreciate what your essence has brought through thus far. I hope to emit more love and have a more developed practice. Thelema

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