New Books [Coming 2018]

Uninscribed (Working Title) – What has not yet been thought? What has not yet been known? What are we here to remember? To understand requires Unlearning; winding back to the Source where we stand Naked and Uninscribed. Within this space of utter receptivity we can awaken to other times. This book illustrates what happens when new knowledge enters our planet. How can we embody new knowledge in a practical way, living day-to-day reality? How do we apply it to relationships? Sprinkled with tales of her apprenticeship with a wizard in the woods, Stephanie takes us on a kinesthetic journey into understanding the Law of Time as a living experience. You will never look at your own life the same again.

The Art of Time: How to Synchronize with the New Beam enters us into the hidden realms of Mind where there is a vast library of Time that contains lost or forgotten knowledge. Within this library we discover the practical steps to activate and embody the Avatar within.

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Happy Galactic Signature Dear Stephanie! Alexander, Lahun Manik.

thank you Alexander 🙂

Robert Elvis Barkley

I’m blue spectral hand. With a great thanks. I’ve dreamed I met you out in space during the gathering of this galaxy up in a great rewind. It seemed as you gave me a quick well done just in time as I nearly escaped being oblitereated.

Hi Robert! You can contact me at I would love to hear about your dreams… with love and support, Stephanie

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