Introducing the TimeSpace App

Today our world needs positive change and vision more than ever. It is up to us to Be the Change and then join with others to create a positive and inspiring future.

This requires each of us to Return to our Essence, access our full memory, synchronize our highest visions and then take action. The TimeSpace meditation apps are a training tool for this.

Using the most advanced technology to synchronize brainwaves, TimeSpace apps are a series of seven guided meditations (or rides) to activate your inner treasures and bring forgotten knowledge back to earth. There are five training “rides”, and two interactive “rides”.

The First Ride introduces us to the TimeSpace Center of Universe.

The Second Ride opens us to the Gate to the Dream World.

In the Third ride we learn to direct our mind into the Earth environment through an astral projection technique.

In the Fourth Ride we journey to the Sun and beyond the Solar System.

In the Fifth ride we journey to the Black Hole center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The sixth and seventh rides are interactive.

In the Sixth Ride, we journey through the Gate of the Dream World, where we reach a mysterious bridge and receive a message from the other side of time. Using the most advanced technology to synchronize brainwaves, Timespace 6 is the most powerful interactive meditation app ever created!

The seventh ride is being developed and will be utilized to create specific planetary healing effects.

Learn more about the TimeSpace Apps here.

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