Welcome to Living Time Science!

Welcome to the Living Time Science Blog!
My name is Stephanie South, sometimes called “Red Queen.”

I am from the Future.

I am on a Mission of Memory Retrieval and Total Planetary Healing.

I am not one for labels, categories or boxes when it comes to the Human Spirit.

Those are too confining. Our Essence is ever-changing and multidimensional in nature.

I am here to help People Remember the Original Dream and to Co-Design a New Consciousness to house a knowledge not yet known on this Planet.

All is ultimately an inner journey, and the real challenge is to change ourselves.

This is the first installment of my weekly blog, which will be focused on the creative exploration of various facets of Living Time Science (see the free Introductory booklet).

Living Time Science is the application and embodiment of the Law of Time. The Law of Time defines an orderly path as a conscious shift in human timing frequency away from artificial time into Universal natural time. How we frame our time creates the lens through which we experience the world.

This is also the official site for the Cosmic History Chronicles. Cosmic History refers to the interpenetration of the Absolute into the relative.

Cosmos is the Absolute and history is the relative. Together, cosmos and history create a description of a process of consciousness. The teachings of Cosmic History raise us from rote ‘dull normal’ consciousness toward the unconditional Absolute. As this process accelerates we awaken more and more to our multidimensional nature.


If One would like to be Effective
In tuning into Divine Directive
One must first forget their name
And embrace the Whole Galactic Brain!


To embody Living Time Science is to recognize within yourself the different co-existing levels of being and dimensions of consciousness. This blog will offer inspiration, practices, and support for this process of awakening to our multidimensional nature.


Command the forces, the subtle threads
Awake your self from the Living Dead!
Remember that the Greater Dream is thinking You!


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Thank you and many blessings.
Love Always
Agent 50 – Afiya

appreciate this dear AFIYA! 🙂

Thank you dear Red Queen for sharing and for your support on many levels. Really appreciating the vibe of livingTIMEscience.

In Lak’ech – 73

Thanks so much sieger, how wonderful to hear from You… Big hug to you and your beautiful family!

So loving this new site… Feeling the arrival time of the new wave of sharing through the field… sending big big love dear one xx

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