Astral Movie Library

Is it possible that your life is being viewed as a movie on another dimension?

Suspend your conditioning for a moment and contemplate:

Planet Earth is the stage set of a cosmic motion picture being projected from elsewhere. You are the star of the show.

What character are you playing? How does your character interact with others? Who is writing your script?  Are you happy with your lines? If not you can head back to Central casting, or rather tune into a different thinking layer to receive a more resonant role.

Most of our suffering comes from either not knowing which part we are playing, or knowing it and not living up to it.

Instead of sitting and watching a re-creation of other peoples stories, create your own. Planet earth needs new stories.

As Above so Below

The movies we see in the theater are but minute slices of the vast catalog of astral movies. Movies that get made in 3D are uploaded from an astral file into receptive minds.  The categories are generally drama, action/adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc.

What type of movie are you playing out in your own life?

According to Cosmic History, each of us has our own frequency signature that codes the prominent astral movie that plays out in our day-to-day reality. Many people are on autopilot playing out a prerecorded conditioned feature length film.

When we become conscious, we can change the conditioned script. Anytime we make a choice, we affirm the particular movie we are playing out. If you continuously choose the best action that brings the greatest happiness and liberation to yourself and others, then you increasingly come into phase with your highest movie blueprint.

Imagine that each entity contains a spool of astral movie film containing the imprints of all their astral movie potentialities. We merely call forth a script from a field of  potentiality.  Those scripts not played out are filed into the unconscious.

Your highest astral movie or your blueprint is always playing simultaneously to your life pattern. When your action or behavior is incongruent with your astral movie then you feel as if something is off or “out of synch”.

Time Release Program

All discoveries, including self-discovery comes step by step as they are on a time-release program.

For example we could not understand the concept of astral movies if the motion picture  had not been created in the 19th century.

But before movies could be reality,  several discoveries had to be made, primarily photography and later the kinetoscope, predecessor to the motion picture,  introduced by Thomas Edison (1891). Four years later motion pictures were projected for audience viewing, followed by a string of silent films.

By 1915, most major film studios had moved to Hollywood. The first talking film was The Jazz Singer in 1927 and the first technicolor film was The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Synchronically Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was born in the same year that the Wizard of Oz debuted, and 52 years later would bring forth the Dreamspell cosmology that contained many parallel themes.

The Wizard of Oz was called forth from the astral library by Frank Baum, who was a theosophist (as was Edison). He had written the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in  1890, that would later become a movie.

When asked about how he got his inspiration for the story,  Baum replied:

“It was pure inspiration…It came to me right out of the blue. I think that sometimes the Great Author has a message to get across and He has to use the instrument at hand. I happened to be that medium, and I believe the magic key was given me to open the doors to sympathy and understanding, joy, peace and happiness.”
-L. Frank Baum, cited by Hearn 73

The Wizard of Oz pulls from many archetypal themes of seeking outwardly for enlightenment, only to discover that it all comes from within.

A young girl from Kansas dreams of a better more colorful place “somewhere over the rainbow”.  She along with her three companions follow the yellow brick road, seeking the Wizard in the Emerald City whom they think will grant them what they lack: a brain, a heart, courage, and the power to return HOME.

Similarly, the Dreamspell cosmology sets forth the script that humans are lost time travelers who have got amnesia and are here to reclaim memory of their original mission.

The time travelers set forth an archetypal journey following the path of the 13 moons, which circulates every 52 days through five different castles. 52 x 5 = 260. 260 = 1 Tzolkin spin.

On this path there are five castles, Red (East), White (North), Blue (East), Yellow (South) and Green (Center).

On the final (52nd) day of the Yellow Southern Castle (Yellow Brick Road), a misstep occurred. Rather than take magic flight our planet was zapped by a low frequency (12:60) beam, fell into a state of amnesia, and detoured into the cycle of “history” – a one-dimensional dreamspell of materialism and material expansion. This is similar to when Dorothy and her friends fall asleep in the field of poppies on the way to the Emerald City.

This field of poppies (12:60 beam) makes us think that the third dimension is the only reality there is. Anyone who thinks outside this limited framework is scoffed at.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is tasked to supersede the power of evil (the wicked witches of east and west), with the power of good (the good witches of north and south).

Note that east and west corresponds to horizontal space, or the third dimensional material plane. North and South corresponds to vertical time, or the fourth dimensional astral plane.

We are all on an archetypal journey and it is up to each of us to choose our own adventure from the library of astral movies.

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Some people are talking about an event. Do you know if this event will happen, if so, how long do we have to wait? Has this event already happened? If so, when? Will this event never happen and be simply a progressive understanding?
Thank you for your support.

L Frank Baum was also a Theosophist, so you could say that theosophical philosophy created the optimum mental foundation for the expansion of his imagination.

I see the Law of Time information in the same light – as a mental scaffolding that not only supports but frees the imagination.

Imagination is the bridge.

We love our cosmic movie, now we are writing our new script !!

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